What are the best comedy clubs in New York City?

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Linnea Covington

One of the best places to catch some laughs and tasty bites is at The Stand NYC in Gramercy. Chow on indulgent dishes including waffle fries with truffle gravy, tater tot nachos, and tuna tartare cannolis while watching Judah Friedlander and other talented funny men and women take the stage.

You can also head to Amy Poehler’s Upright Citizens Brigade, a theater that has culled talent from across the country and launched many successful careers. The Chelsea space isn’t fancy, and you won’t get any gourmet eats, but it’s well worth the visit for any comedy lover.

For a late night show in the heart of Greenwich Village, Comedy Cellar is the place to be. Here, talents like Chris Rock and Jim Gaffigan have been known to pop in and test out new material, but even if you don’t see someone famous, they have plenty of other good comics taking the stage.  Another old-school comedy joint is Dangerfield’s, owned by, you guessed it, funny man Rodney Dangerfield. For 40 years, this Upper East Side venue has brought a lot of talent and a lot of laughs to the stage.

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