What’s the best time to visit Castle Hill Inn?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Jane C. Govednik

Summer is the most popular season for tourist activity in Newport, and not surprisingly, the most in-demand time for guests to stay at Castle Hill Inn. It is, after all, is an ideal time of year to spend taking in the fresh air, and the inn offers an array of activities to do just that. Between movie nights, beach bonfires, lawn games, sunset sails and authentic New England clambakes, there are outdoor events nearly every summer evening. However, there is much to be said for a visit in the fall or winter months, when a walk around the grounds on a crisp day is the perfect prelude to an enchanting evening in front of the fireplace. And a stay at the luxury hotel in the spring is a fine way to celebrate nature hitting the reset button, once again breathing life and color into the landscape. In short, the best time to visit Castle Hill Inn is whenever you can.

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