What is the interior design of The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai?

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Caroline Patek

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai combines two major themes for its design — butterflies and eco-consciousness. The symbol of the butterfly represents beauty and change in the Chinese culture, and you’ll find elegant artistic depictions of the creature throughout the space. As you walk to your treatment suite you’ll spot delicate hanging ceramic butterfly installations created by Chinese artists Shi Hai and Kang Qin, and the 13 suites are even named “butterfly” but in various languages such as Spanish and Indonesian. As for the spa’s eco-friendly pursuits, the staff uniforms and spa’s linens have all been made with organic materials, and products used during treatments are all certified organic and vegan. Those two major themes aside, the spa as a whole exudes a clean and natural feel, using wood and neutral colors that go hand-in-hand with the hotel’s impressive green spaces.

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