What massages are offered at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai?

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Caroline Patek

Similar to other spas within Mandarin Oriental, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai offers a tailored list of massages that range from signature treatments to offerings unique to its Chinese destination. If you’ve just hopped off a plane, book the Oriental Essence massage — a Mandarin Oriental classic — that’s intended to aid weary travelers with the use of Quintessence oil (ginger, mandarin and frankincense) and by targeting stressful points throughout the body. The Therapeutic Massage is conducted via the masseur’s elbows and forearms, while the Aroma Stone and Aromatherapy massages are a bit more self-explanatory. Of course, given your destination in Shanghai, the spa menu also offers a Chinese Meridian Massage (acupressure and balancing your Qi) and a Chinese Foot Reflexology Massage, too.

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