What is the style of Waldorf Astoria Spa Shanghai?

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Sophie Friedman

The style of Waldorf Astoria Spa Shanghai is classic grande dame, with marble flooring and countertops, Art Deco-inspired elements, plush carpets and armchairs, and a beige and pale celadon color scheme. The spa’s reception area and each of its nine treatment rooms has gleaming marble flooring and vanities. In the rooms, you will find petite leather couches with throw pillows, midcentury-style round wooden tables, and fresh flowers. Head inside the large relaxation lounge just off the reception area and you will see handsome armchairs upholstered in beige with celadon throw pillows; the plush beige carpet is emblazoned with a celadon tree-like motif. Giving the room a warm glow are rectangular lamps atop carved dark wooden tables.

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