What kinds of massages are offered at Waldorf Astoria Spa Shanghai?

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Sophie Friedman

Waldorf Astoria Spa Shanghai offers 10 kinds of massages, including one especially for men and another for pregnant women. Among the spa’s top massages is the 80-minute bamboo service, in which a warm stick of bamboo is used to rub away muscle tension, aches and pains. Those suffering from jetlag should book the Shirodhara and scalp massage. Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment in which warm liquids are poured over the forehead (or third eye). Those who snap up this treatment can choose a preferred oil scent before enjoying a scalp massage — a great way to ease tension after a long flight. The scalp treatment is available in 40- or 80-minute increments; the latter version includes a full-body massage. The 50-minute men’s recharge service is a deep-tissue massage aimed at loosening up muscles tense and sore from sports and stress.

In addition to the massages that the Shanghai spa always provides, there are seasonal offerings around Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and other holidays throughout the year.

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