What kinds of massages are offered at Water’s Edge, Shanghai?

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The massages at Water’s Edge, Shanghai seem like they can be divided into the categories of Western and Eastern, but the treatments essentially combine techniques from both worlds. The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa’s Signature Massage uses Chinese therapeutic techniques to melt away stress, along with the highest quality Western products to soothe the body and moisturize the skin. For fatigued muscles, the De-Stress Muscle Release is your traditional deep tissue massage, the one that will leave you sore the next day, but feeling better for the remainder of the week. There are four different Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, including an acupressure massage, Tui Na, foot reflexology and Qing Gua Sha. Tui Na (which means “press and rub”) is intended to restore the Qi balance within your body, which is said to remedy anything from lower back pain to chronic insomnia. In the foot reflexology massage, the therapist can tell you from a high-pressure foot rubdown what’s going on inside your body. You have to experience it to believe it. The Qing Gua Sha cleansing therapy is perhaps the most intense (and sometimes painful), with a glossy tool literally scraping the meridians on your back to get rid of toxic heat that causes ailments.

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