What kinds of wraps are offered at Water’s Edge, Shanghai?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

There are two basic wraps offered at Water’s Edge, Shanghai. The first is the Lavender Refresh Wrap, which is preferable in the summer for its soothing effect on overexposed skin. After a lukewarm shower in your private treatment room, you’ll be softly wrapped in a cocoon of lovely-smelling lavender, peppermint and rose petals. It’s a sensation akin to walking through a field in Provence. At first, the smell is the only sensation, but the peppermint creates a biting feeling that is both warming and cooling. The other detoxifying wrap is the Citrus Detox Cleanse, popular with regular guests for its exfoliating properties and its promise to lift toxins from your body. This wrap is also a massage. Finally, a ginger and black pepper wrap is also available as part of the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa’s Flow package, which is paired with a deep-tissue massage.

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