What refreshments are provided at Water’s Edge, Shanghai?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

As soon as you enter Water’s Edge, Shanghai, you’re offered either a glass of either cinnamon- or white-grape-infused water. We preferred the white grape, which just had a hint of the fruit. (The former has a grainy aftertaste and we couldn’t taste any cinnamon.) If you aren’t keen on either, just ask for a simple glass of water with a sliver of lemon. You can also select from the tea menu, which includes three different options: “Escape — Relax” is Bai Hao Yin Zhen white tea from China’s Fujian Province, infused with southern Yunnan Province roses. The “Tradition — Chinese” is Xihu Longjing special-grade tea from Shanghai’s neighboring Zhejiang Province, famed for its green tea. This version is steeped with fresh ginger and lemongrass, giving the smooth drink an extra kick. The last offering, “Flow — Energize” is Dongding Oolong special-grade tea from Taiwan, infused with citrus zest, a great wake-up after a luxurious 90-minute massage. Enjoy your tea with some biscotti and fresh fruit at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa.

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