What is Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire’s turndown service like?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The turndown service at Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire is extremely thorough and thoughtful. Fresh bottles of water are placed on the nightstand; slippers and shoes are lined up by the side of the bed; curtains are drawn; pillows are fluffed; and soaps, shampoos and shower gels are replenished. Laundry tags, notepads and room service menus are also replaced on the bedside table, ready for use. You may even return to discover previously scattered clothes newly folded and sorted. Housekeeping staff also replenishes the water in the ice room outside the room.

And the housekeeping staff doesn’t rest on its laurels after turndown. At night, it is busy shining shoes. If you’d like to enjoy a complimentary overnight shoe-shining service during your stay, place your shoes in the supplied bag and hang them on the door when you retire. A (seemingly) brand-new pair will be awaiting you in the morning.

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