What is the food presentation like at PY Steakhouse?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

We feel the food presentation at PY Steakhouse is a direct reflection of the restaurant itself: elegant and sophisticated, but not overly fussy. For example, oysters on the half shell, served on a plate lined with rock salt and whole peppercorns, have an understated and luxurious presentation, while steak entrées are served with a colorful “rainbow” of sauces poured from an arched dish with slots for the different colored sauces. Most of the seafood selections have a simple presentation, with a few sprigs of microgreens or oven-dried tomatoes adding a splash of color to the plate, but one dish the pastry staff at this Tucson restaurant has some fun with is the chocolate Oaxacan cigar, a creative concoction featuring a “cigar” fashioned from chocolate mousse and chocolate shavings that’s placed in a sugar “ashtray” filled with granite “ashes.”

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