Ibiza is one of a handful of islands located off the western coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Best known as a summer party destination with a pounding club culture, the island is much more than all-night discos and dancing. The unique landscape alone is worth a visit — much of the shoreline is ragged and rocky, but there are large stretches of gorgeous white sand beaches that lead to jewel-blue waters. The island’s architecture showcases centuries of history, as Romans, Moors and Christians have all left their mark on this old town and its winding cobblestone streets, cathedrals and unique buildings. Viewing points dot the island’s coast, and the one from the rocky beach of Sa Pedrera along the southwest is considered one of the best. The southern part of the island tends to attract a livelier crowd while the island’s north coast is known as a haven for those who wish to have less interaction with the party people.