Palazzo Avino

Ravello’s historic Pink Palace

Palazzo Avino’s soft pink structure glows warmly in the Mediterranean sun as it hovers above Ravello. Exuding historic charm and contemporary design, this mountaintop hotel is evocatively set in a 12th-century palazzo with stunning views overlooking the iconic Italian coastline.

This coveted location has a storied past as part of the town’s aristocratic area in the Middle Ages, defined by its lavish homes with gardens sprawling down the mountainside. Over its illustrious history, the palazzo-turned-hotel has hosted notable names like actress Ingrid Bergman and director Roberto Rossellini. The Avino family continues to run the property with great passion and dedication.

Surrounded by landscaped gardens and boasting an exquisite vista of the scenic Amalfi coastline, the“Pink Palace”brings the past and present highlights of Ravello into one refined stay.

Our Inspector's Highlights

  • Architectural details and famous Amalfi Coast views create a harmonious space. Palazzo Avino’s atrium is exquisite with its striking white point arches and delicate columns.
  • Palazzo Avino is one of the only hotels in Ravello with a seaside area for swimming and dining. Set into the rocky cliffs, the seasonally open (May to October) Clubhouse by the Sea is exclusive for guests and includes platforms for sunbathing with access to the water, a small swimming pool and Clubhouse Restaurant for light lunches.
  • Stroll through the luxury hotel’s enchanting gardens lush with Mediterranean plants and flowers to discover hidden viewpoints to take in coastal panoramas.
  • Dotted throughout the property, works by Italian artist Marco Nereo Rotelli and many other contemporary creatives add a whimsical, modern touch to the décor.
  • Set in the gardens, Palazzo Avino’s spa offers sumptuous treatments using custom Effegilab products, an organic line inspired by the region’s unique lemon and apple varietals.

Things to Know

  • The region’s top sights are a short stroll away, and the hotel’s complimentary shuttle makes it easy to reach the beach club nearby.
  • Savor those fine Ravello vistas lounging by the 65-foot heated pool nestled into the garden or from the rooftop solarium’s whirlpool.
  • Palazzo Avino is open seasonally from early April to the third week of October, but dates vary slightly each year.
  • Designed by Italian architect Cristina Celestino, Palazzo Avino’s exclusive boutique The Pink Closet curates a nice collection of womenswear and accessories.

The Rooms

  • Palazzo Avino’s 33 rooms and 10 suites are finely appointed with a style that blends classic 18th- and 19th-century furniture and antique carpets with the Amalfi Coast’s iconic ceramic tiles.
  • Settle into one of the comfortable double rooms, where you’ll find both sea- and mountain-view options. While all are appealing, a water scene is worth the splurge.
  • The hotel’s 10 suites elevate the experience with jaw-dropping vistas from balconies or terraces.
  • While all suites are notable, the Infinito Suite is exceptional. Located on two levels at the top of the Ravello hotel, the spacious accommodation includes a 538-square-foot terrace with a hot tub overlooking the mountains and an alfresco dining area.

The Restaurants

  • At acclaimed Rossellinis, Neapolitan chef Giovanni Vanacore crafts seasonal menus that capture the region’s flavors and traditions to be savored against an equally magnificent Amalfi Coast backdrop.
  • Rossellinis’ exclusive Chef’s Table provides a unique dining experience inspired by the Neapolitan bingo-like game “La Tombola.” While the menu changes based on which tiles you draw, you can bet the plates will be beautifully presented on custom ceramics from local artist Lucio Liguori.
  • Vino enthusiasts should inquire about the Sommelier’s Table, where a candlelit dinner for two is set in a cave surrounded by Palazzo Avino’s Wine Library.
  • Enjoy casual fare like fresh pasta at Terrazza Belvedere as you gaze out at the garden and coastline.
  • Visit Lobster & Martini Bar to indulge in plates of the local crustacean and 100 different types of the classic cocktail.

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Getting There
Via San Giovanni del Toro 28, Ravello, Amalfi Coast, I-84010 Italy
TEL39-089 818181
NAP (1 hr 2 min)   FCO (3 hr 9 min)  
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