Taj Coral Reef Resort & Spa Maldives

A fantasy getaway for family and friends

Taj Coral Reef Resort & Spa, Maldives has a distinctly fresh and laid-back vibe that seems to appeal in particular to young couples - honeymooners make up approximately 80 percent of the market and, unlike at many other island resorts, can be spotted socializing in the public areas all over the island.

The aptly named resort is also a popular choice for scuba divers. The house reef completely encircles the island, which means you can access it from any villa or point on the island. Parrotfish, butterfly fish and black tip reef sharks are all common sights on the house reef. There's also a wreck that lies 14 to 22 meters from shore, which is a real treat to explore. It’s one of only a handful of resorts that has a wreck so close to the island that you can swim to it.

The dive center boasts an excellent coral frame sponsorship project and conducts regular reef cleaning activities which eco-conscious guests can help support. Tiny nodules of coral are attached to a metal frame and placed in the ocean in order to expand the coral reef. You can pay to “sponsor” a coral frame and you’ll be kept updated on its growth via photos, which are emailed regularly.

Taj Coral Reef is a solid choice for anyone seeking a low-key but chic resort within easy reach of Malé International Airport (roughly 45 minutes by speedboat), yet still far away enough from the capital to evoke a sense of remoteness and for the dive sites to feel uncrowded and have less wear and tear on them.

Our Inspector's Highlights

  • The watersports center offers all kinds of excursions (including glass-bottom boat rides), but make sure you visit one of the two sandbanks lying minutes away for a taste of castaway life. Not every resort is this close to any sandbanks, let alone two.
  • All guests are offered a complimentary 30-minute photo session and are only charged for the prints they choose. This way you can ensure your Instagram timeline looks its best during your stay.
  • A library and music center offer complimentary tea, coffee and even bongos for guests — something that comes in handy as a source of amusement on a (rare) rainy day.
  • The beach only runs along one side of the island but can extend as wide as nearly 50 feet, which is pretty broad by Maldivian standards. As with all islands, the sand shifts according to the season so it won’t be as wide all year round.
  • Unlike some resorts in the Maldives, Jiva Spa draws its inspiration from its close neighbor, India (rather than Bali or Thailand). As India is the home of ayurveda, therapies here typically involve the use of herbs and essential oils. Take the Prishta Mardana service, which uses a herbal mask and steam along with a massage focusing on the shoulders and back.

Things to Know

  • If you’re on the generous all-inclusive plan, you can benefit from access to premium branded spirits and fine wine labels.
  • The only watersports available are of the non-motorized variety. This is done to keep the island atmosphere as peaceful as possible. On the resort itself, there's badminton, table tennis, pool and volleyball.
  • The luxury hotel is either a 20- or 45-minute boat ride from Malé, depending on whether you take the speedboat or the slower vessel.

The Rooms

  • The bright, cheerful villas are decorated with contemporary furniture and canvas prints of tropical scenes. The color palette is inspired by the surrounding environment — turquoise, beige, white and earthy brown.
  • Lots of driftwood and seagrass add tasteful accents without being tacky.
  • The beach villas have superb views of the lagoon, and the water villas come with floor-to-ceiling doors and baths with glass sides, giving you the chance to admire the sea with an added touch of wow-factor.
  • Each suite has a personal butler on call to cater to guests' every whim.

The Restaurants

  • The Maldives hotel has three restaurants and two bars.
  • Bokkura is a whitewashed, colonial-chic venue located directly on the beach that features comfortable lounge seats indoors as well as chairs on the sand. At this pan-Asian eatery you can choose from contemporary Indian dishes (in a nod to Taj’s Indian roots) as well as Maldivian classics like coconut reef fish curry with roshi.
  • Pizzeria specializes in Italian dishes and, as the name suggests, its wood-fired pies are the highlight. Try the prosciutto and arugula pizza.
  • Over by the infinity pool is Pool Side and Reef Bar. The former is one of the liveliest social hubs of the island, while the latter is a smart, casual alternative for more intimate affairs. At both you’ll find cocktails and tasty flight named the Six Salt Tequila Shot.

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