Andronis Luxury Suites

A lavish Aegean getaway

Walking the historic and meandering byways of Santorini is like traveling back in time, and the luckiest visitors here find themselves entering the doors of Andronis Luxury Suites. Nestled and almost hidden from passersby among steep, terraced cliffs overlooking the Aegean Sea, Andronis offers a fully customizable experience for guests with a taste for refined elegance.

Comprising 29 suites and villas, every accommodation affords spectacular Santorini views along with a private infinity pool or jacuzzi, sun loungers and many individualized amenities, like a personal pillow selection and choice of toiletries (Apivita, Molton Brown and Chopard). Andronis made Santorini’s white-plaster cave-like structures famous, and the arches, soaring walkway, terrace-side rooms and the caldera rim’s steep drop have long been a symbol of Greek island luxury.

Our Inspector's Highlights

  • The Santorini hotel curates three unique dining experiences, including the candlelit cliffside alfresco restaurant Lycabettus, one of the country’s best and certainly one of its most beautiful, led by chef Pavlos Kyriakis; sushi and Mediterranean fare at Pacman; and Lauda, which for 50 years has turned out an authentic Greek gastronomic experience culled from native ingredients.
  • The distinctive bathrooms are cave-like (without windows and recessed into the cliff) but extravagant.
  • The Mare Sanus Spa at the heart of Andronis comes with private suites and holistic rituals featuring locally sourced ingredients.
  • The Andronis Feretti, a sleek three-cabin yacht available for four-hour cruise bookings and other outings, is an opulent way to experience the nearby aquatic riches. Snorkel, swim or sightsee with a crew delivering world-class service.
  • If the luxury hotel feels like you’re stepping into the private villa of a monarch or privacy-seeking starlet, that’s because it often has been, serving as a bucket list destination for those hopscotching the world to its most renowned locales.

Things to Know

  • Santorini is spread across multiple islands encircling what looks like a circular bay but is actually a volcanic caldera. Perched above this geological wonder, Andronis gives a unique treat through every window.
  • Relics of the island’s long and rich history in the Aegean are everywhere near the luxury hotel, so if history is your thing, plan on spending a lot of time exploring and visiting local sites.
  • Feel like you need to upgrade your swimsuit or your entire wardrobe? Andronis provides a private helicopter tour, with your own shopping concierge, for a jaunt to Mykonos and its popular boutiques.
  • The city is built for walking but bring your hiking boots; the terraces make for some serious leg-day exercises.

The Rooms

  • Each suite or villa is unique in layout and décor, so you’ll feel like you’re staying at your own private resort. It’s best to book ahead to snatch up such exceptional stays as the Honeymoon Suite with an indoor-cave plunge pool or the Sunset Villa Aristotelis, which affords uninterrupted views of the sun setting over the caldera.
  • Every accommodation is designed around different water features. Choose among a suite with an interior hot tub or private infinity pool — or one that has both.
  • Like the rest of Santorini, the décor is based on a white-and-blue palette that both soothes and invigorates, framing the breathtaking vista beyond.

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