Hotel Fasano Punta del Este

A modernist escape in Punta's rustic sierras

Fasano Las Piedras sits in the lesser-known side of Punta del Este, Uruguay's top destination. A few minutes from the beach and the bustle of the tourist zones, this private enclave rises in the rural area of Punta, announcing the slick opulence that lies inside, including Hotel Fasano Punta del Este.

The hotel consists of a main building with 10 rooms as well as 20 standalone bungalows spread here and there, all with breathtaking views. Personalized service, attentive staff and plentiful amenities make it an outstanding property, well hidden in the small Uruguayan city.

La Barra, one of Punta del Este's busiest areas during summer, is only 10 minutes away, but golf, watersports, bird-watching, the equestrian center, the spa and almost whatever activity you can think of will keep you entertained on the grounds of this exclusive Punta del Este hotel.

Our Inspector's Highlights

  • Hotel Fasano Punta del Este makes the most of its secluded location with stunning vistas over the property’s 1,210 acres from every room. An edgy design adds a sense of modernity to this otherwise timeless retreat.
  • This Uruguay hotel is all about amenities and entertainment. Bookworms will be delighted by the tomes tucked away in the property's every corner and the cozy library, while active types can plunge into the pool, practice water sports in the river and play golf, tennis and polo.
  • Set in its own building with an indoor garden, the spa boosts relaxation with six different aromatherapy fragrances to choose from for your massage.
  • Thanks to Fasano's isolated location and the rooms tucked away from common areas, the hotel provides a quiet and relaxing stay. The tranquil environment and wild terrain also are irresistible to the foxes, lizards and hares that can be seen around the hotel grounds every now and then.
  • Be sure to take a dip in the pool, which is carved into natural rocks on a sloping hill.

Things to Know

  • The luxury hotel is a few minutes away from the most popular areas in Punta del Este, but transportation is not an issue: it can be accessed by car (the staff will be delighted to help with a rental), cab, Uber or helicopter (Fasano has its own heliport). Once on the property, you will receive a golf cart to use on the vast grounds.
  • All accommodations are available from November to March, during the hottest season. The rest of the year, only the 10 rooms in the luxurious main building are open. In any case, make reservations as soon as possible, especially for January, when most people book four months in advance or more.
  • Punta del Este is a stylish destination where people might dress up just to go running or to the beach. Fasano does not have a hair salon in its property, but it does have an available room in the spa for those who travel with their own stylist.
  • For beach lovers, having to travel a few minutes to get to the ocean every day can be a drawback, but a private beach over the river lies inside the property and is an acceptable alternative.
  • Fasano's Kid's Club’s playroom, toys, table games and costumes keep the little ones entertained while you can unwind or enjoy a night out.

The Rooms

  • All rooms, both in the main building and the bungalows, overlook the green mountains from balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Opt for a bungalow if you seek more privacy. These combine the beauty of staying in the countryside with all the comfort of a luxury hotel.
  • Spacious rooms are finely decorated with vintage furniture and feature big plush beds. The suites in the main building and bungalows also have a living room.
  • Suites are equipped with a shower and a tub. And in one of the suites in the main building, you can even enjoy the landscape from the bathtub, thanks to a stunning crystal wall.
  • Rooms can be connected to each other, which is helpful for families.

The Restaurants

  • Las Piedras emanates a rustic, charming vibe. The building holds a library, a clothing store and a casual all-day Italian restaurant. Pop over to the patio to see the preparation of a traditional asado (an Uruguayan barbecue) and savor it afterward.
  • Fasano is the property’s fine-dining Italian option, and it's on the upper floor of the main building, along with the lounge and rooftop. Dim light, stone walls, antique furniture and mesmerizing vistas set the scene for Fasano's penne alla vodka or Uruguayan dulce de leche.
  • The poolside bar serves different menus for lunch and dinner, the latter of which steers more gourmet. For a sunny day, some burrata and a cold lavender lemonade are a must.

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Cno. C. Egusquiza y Paso del Barranco, S/N, Punta del Este, Uruguay
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