The epitome of elegance in Hong Kong
Located inside the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, Amber is the epitome of elegance. The beautiful restaurant was first established in 2005 and emerged in 2019 from a full renovation at the hands of acclaimed New York-based designer Adam Tihany.

The refreshed space feels soothing and natural, with soft curves and undulating gold sculptures hanging overhead. Tihany’s design precisely reflects culinary director Richard Ekkebus' food philosophy, which showcases natural flavors and emphasizes the provenance of each ingredient.

Alongside the 2019 redesign, Ekkebus also revised his menu, stripping away non-essential ingredients and introducing a new range of dishes. Throughout the menu, he has eschewed dairy products while also minimizing refined sugar and salt. This is great news for lactose-sensitive diners and those prone to food allergies.

But one thing that hasn’t changed are those stunning skyline views, best observed from a window-side table while sipping a sublime glass of vino.

Our Inspector's Highlights

  • When you arrive on the seventh floor, an opaque door off to the left slides to reveal the restaurant’s warm yet sophisticated atmosphere. Whether you’re here for lunch or dinner, Amber feels like a sanctuary within busy Central.
  • Ekkebus masterfully combines Japanese and French techniques for a style of cooking that’s all his own. It’s fine dining, but light and fresh with unadulterated flavors that demand attention.
  • Every table has a chance to peek into the kitchen at some point during the meal, thanks to a special chef’s table encounter.
  • The staff is courteous and knowledgeable, carefully explaining the story behind ingredients and the inspiration behind each plate.
  • Veteran sommelier John Chan will guide you through the extensive wine list. Though, the selection of mocktails and housemade juices — including a deliciously tart cherry juice from Germany — is also worth a try.

Things to Know

  • The Hong Kong restaurant is an excellent option for those with dietary restrictions thanks to its clean dishes and adaptable kitchen.
  • The fine-dining spot is only open for lunch and dinner, so plan your visit accordingly.
  • The dress code at Amber is smart casual. But since the restaurant is one of the most elegant in the city, guests tend to dress up for the occasion.
  • Ekkebus takes sustainability seriously and has incorporated several eco-friendly initiatives. The kitchen has a sustainable sourcing policy, bans plastic straws, filters its own water, grows herbs in a rooftop garden and strives to use the entirety of every ingredient to minimize food waste.

The Dishes

  • It might sound like heresy for a fine-dining restaurant to ditch cream and milk, but Ekkebus has found creative alternatives, such as nut milk and soy. He also manages to achieve umami flavors through fermentation and sodium-rich ingredients like seaweed, and sweetness from raw ingredients like agave, maple and honey.
  • In the evenings, set menus range from five (Amber Experience) to seven courses (Full Amber Experience). While dishes change regularly, you can always add one of the restaurant’s signatures, such as the ever-popular Miyazaki wagyu beef strip loin with pepper berry emulsion, to your experience.
  • Expect only the finest ingredients — all hand-picked by Ekkebus — including black truffles, Japanese wheatgrass, Okinawa corn, Kristal Schrenki caviar, cuttlefish, wagyu beef, Fukuoka tomatoes and Camargue rice, to name a few.
  • Pastry chef Michael Pretet crafts meticulous, complex desserts that strike the right balance of sweet and sour, like a sake lees (a byproduct of production of the Japanese alcohol) sorbet with raspberry sauce and puffed rice. Gluten-free madeleines made with buckwheat and coconut oil are presented with a bowl of dark Burlat cherries for a simple and satisfying final touch.
  • After every meal, Ekkebus sends diners home with a sweet treat of special grenadine dark chocolate that he personally chose for its balance of minerality and berry notes.

The Design

  • The light and airy interior design echoes Ekkebus’ clean, pared-back cooking style.
  • Tihany is the same designer who worked on the Hong Kong restaurant’s original interiors back in 2005. This time, the look feels more contemporary and inviting, thanks to the use of light woods and neutral earth tones.
  • One of the most notable changes is the artwork. The iconic bronze-rod piece that once served as the restaurant’s pièce de résistance has been replaced with a trio of custom-made installations by Hong Kong-based artist Gail Deayton. The gold sculptures take inspiration from the ever-changing cityscape and simultaneously reflect Amber’s holistic dining philosophy.
  • Soft, fluid lines continue throughout the narrow restaurant. Snaking down the center of the room, curving banquettes create intimate booth-style seating while smaller tables line the windows.
  • The views overlook downtown Central. The busy streets below accentuate the quiet moments at Amber.

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