Robuchon au Dôme

Creative French cuisine in Macau
It makes sense that a chef at the top of his game would be found at the very pinnacle of the tallest structure in Macau, which is why you’ll find acclaimed French chef Joël Robuchon’s dramatic Robuchon au Dôme housed in the egg-like dome atop the arching peaks of the Grand Lisboa Hotel. The hotel’s lotus shape and gold exterior are the perfect shell for this elegant French-themed restaurant, which requires you to take a tiny hidden elevator to the all but inaccessible 43rd floor.

You’ll be rewarded as soon as you emerge and see the expansive views of Macau and Taipa islands, while the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant’s own interior is nothing to balk at; a large carved wood piano provides a live soundtrack to your meal, and the enormous crystal chandelier dangling overhead provides an extra layer of sparkle to the evening. But it’s doubtful you’ll be able to take your eyes off your table as Robuchon provides stunning and creative French masterworks across multiple courses.
Our Inspector's Highlights
•The décor is as opulent as you’d expect from a Joël Robuchon eatery. The centerpiece is the gorgeous cascading crystal chandelier, while the rest of the dining room is awash in gold. And the views that the circular, glassed-in design affords are simply breathtaking.

•The Macau restaurant boasts a fantastic wine list that spans nearly 530 pages and features more than 12,700 labels. Whether you prefer a glass of champagne or a bottle of sake, you’ll find it in the tome they call a wine list.

•From start to finish, all needs were anticipated and attended to by an army of well-choreographed staff members who lug trolleys laden with breads, desserts, and even large hunks of butter around the room for you to select from.
Things to Know
•When you step off the elevator and enter the domed space you’ll be agape at two things: the large carved wood grand piano with a tuxedoed maestro at the key and giant gold vases surrounding him, and the sparkling crystal chandelier that appears to be pouring down from the top of the dome.

•Visit  Robuchon au Dôme while the white truffle is in season and gets highlighted across many dishes.

•Let the talented staff create a bread basket for you or point out the recommended dishes that are not to be missed.
The Food
•You’ll find all the staples of classic French cooking given a modern twist by Robuchon’s staff, who aren’t above using freeze-dried foie gras or celery foam to liven up a dish.

•Carts laden with rich French cheeses, homemade French breads and delicate truffles wheel around the small space reminding you of the artistry taking place behind the scenes.

•The degustation menu is both a time and stomach commitment, but the pinnacle experience you can have at Robuchon au Dôme is easily the degustation menu. You’ll enjoy course after course of caviar, foie gras and truffles via Robuchon’s inventive French dishes.
Getting There
43rd Floor Avenida de Lisboa, Macau, China