Exquisite Japanese kappo cuisine in Macau
At Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Grand Lisboa Palace’s Zuicho, the wall between Osakan chef Yoshinori Kinomoto’s team and its diners evaporates. From the toques’ welcoming demeanor to their ever-so-careful plating, each dish on the nine- or 11-course meal feels like an immersive journey.

With just 10 seats, this intimate restaurant in Macau centers on kappo cuisine, meaning “to chop and cook,” which calls for a mix of raw and cooked small plates made with hyper-seasonal ingredients and consummate preparation skills.

As you watch the impeccable dishes come to life before your eyes across a striking 350-year-old Japanese cypress table, you’ll not only learn more about the art of Japanese cuisine but also appreciate the care that goes into each bite. Whether celebrating a milestone or simply seeking out the best tables in Macau, any fine-dining aficionado would be wise to reserve a seat at Kinomoto’s exclusive restaurant.
Our Inspector's Highlights

  • The word zuicho translates to “an auspicious omen.” And from the moment you sit down in the minimalist, wood-clad restaurant, you can sense something incredible is about to happen. Indeed, each dish piques your curiosity for what’s coming next.
  • Watching Kinomoto and his crew in action at the kappo restaurant will delight even the most well-traveled diners. The master chef has spent nearly three decades working in high-end omakase restaurants, and his commitment to crafting seasonal, bespoke experiences is evident across the menu.
  • A sense of understated luxury permeates the interiors. Of course, there’s the 30-foot-long ancient hinoki wood countertop — an incredible centerpiece crafted by artisans who have worked for the Japanese royal family — which was flown in from Japan in one piece. And then there’s the delicate washi-paper menu, antique sake glassware and handcrafted ceramic tableware that change with each course.
  • If you enjoy sake with your dinner, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your preferred drinking vessel from a selection of gorgeous crystal, ceramic and glass.

Things to Know

  • Guests can have an even more intimate dining experience in the private dining room, which can accommodate up to six patrons.
  • Children under 12 are allowed to dine in the private dining room, but they can’t sit at the main counter.
  • Enter via The Karl Lagerfeld hotel of the Grand Lisboa Palace integrated complex to save yourself some walking time.
  • The Macau restaurant is closed on Mondays and open for lunch only on weekends and local public holidays, so plan your visit accordingly. Reservations are a must.
  • The dress code at Zuicho is smart casual, meaning ankle-length trousers and no open-toed shoes, sandals or sleeveless tops for men.

The Food

  • Many are familiar with kaiseki, a refined form of chef’s-choice dining based on seasonal dishes, and izakaya-style, where small plates pair with drinks. Kappois a little of both, with a focus on traditional cooking methods while offering something for everyone.
  • While the menu changes daily, a few signature dishes usually appear with modifications based on the seasons. These include chilled somen(wheat noodles), prized Satsuma A5 wagyu beef tenderloin cutlets and risotto-esque takikomi rice with seasonal seafood — all accompanied by your choice of premium sake, wine, whisky, beer, mocktails or tea.
  • Sake lovers should try the dinner pairing or ask for the Désir et Sauvage selections from Kuheiji, a distillery known for producing a rich expression of flavors, similar to French white wine.
  • For many years, chef Kinomoto was based in coastal Ishikawa prefecture and, as a result, he has an intuitive understanding of seasonal seafood. Sushi and sashimi might range from black throat seaperch to sea urchin and toro handrolls, while grilled selections such as white fish change according to Japan’s seasons.
  • For dessert, the chefs whip up fresh mochi dough before your eyes, then fill it with housemade ice cream and a crispy wafer for a sweet-yet-light finale.

Getting There
Grand Lisboa Palace Macau, Shop 302, Level 3, Rua do Tiro, Cotai Macau, China
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