SpaHalekulani Okinawa

A seaside sanctuary of traditional folk remedies

If heaven had a check-in, it would look like the lobby at SpaHalekulani Okinawa, a brilliantly bright sanctuary on the second floor of Halekulani Okinawa’s Beachfront Wing.

With rays of light peeking from behind intertwined columns — the same way the sun shines through pillars of clouds — the ombré white room is clearly designed to make you feel as if you’re about to enter paradise.

On the other side awaits breathtaking views of the East China Sea, which bestows the spa’s fresh scent through opened sliding glass doors.

Here, nature is the almighty healer, and those who seek its powers are blessed by a combination of Okinawan and Hawaiian treatments that have been perfected through centuries of use.

For a full rebirth, private baths overlooking the ocean and hot springs offer lustration; just one soak will shed the last of the stress from the outside world, allowing the body, mind and soul to attain bliss.

Our Inspector's Highlights

  • The treatment menu features a large selection of massages, facials and body care. Scalp services for those seeking healthy, vibrant hair and several prenatal options for moms-to-be are also available.
  • Relax in a sauna or hot spring before and after your session.
  • Pre-treatment foot baths with plumeria flowers are held out on a terrace with vistas of the pristine ocean.
  • The facials incorporate exclusive skincare products from Swiss Perfection (a world-renowned anti-aging line that was the first to use cellular research based on animal cells) and Ola (Hawaiian skin care that uses natural tropical ingredients like aloe vera, breadfruit, coconut and deep-sea Kona water). Products from each brand are available for purchase in the lobby.
  • After a treatment, herbal tea (such as Moon Peach) is served in a separate room with a daybed and luxurious blanket.

Things to Know

  • There are just five treatment rooms at the Okinawa spa, so it’s important to book early.
  • For birthdays, the staff makes a three-tiered cake from towels, ribbons and flowers, and leaves it on the bed as a welcome gift.
  • You can customize any experience by adding an Express Facial (which is tailored to your skin type), Unwind the Mind (a head rub) and Essential Hands (20 minutes of extra time on any treatment).

The Treatments

  • Nearly every treatment uses natural ingredients (such as flowers and local herbs) and ancient regimens from the Ryukyu Kingdom (an independent kingdom that ruled Okinawa, then called Ryukyu Islands, from the 15th to 19th centuries) and Hawaii.
  • Lomi Lomi Body is the most requested massage. Its long, flowing, dance-like strokes aid aches and pains, and deliver the ultimate relaxation.
  • The Rejuvenation borrows an ancient Ryukyu Kingdom remedy that was used to maintain mental and physical health. For this service, an herbal ball is filled with shell ginger and Okinawan mugwort before rubbing it on the body to help muscle fatigue.
  • With the Halekulani Experience, you can create a 120-minute treatment from choices of body massages, facials, dry head and shoulder massages and reflexology.
  • The Restore Balance and Heavenly Journey feature a skin-soothing body scrub and private bath.

The Facilities

  • The bathroom has aromatic mist showers with four settings: mist (perfect for after the sauna or a bath), tropical (large mist), rain (flows like a waterfall) and jet stream (the water falls from one nozzle and can be used for a massage).
  • The locker room is lined with drawers and vanities, which are supplied with hairdryers, Juhi Replenishing Milk Cleansers (to remove makeup or sunscreen), Soothe and Enrich Intensive Cream by Subtle Energies, and Hydrating Styling Cream and Glimmer Shine finish spray from Moroccanoil.
  • The luxury spa features a 24-hour fitness center with treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, dumbbells and more. While exercising, peer out at the ocean through a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • You have access to an indoor pool, which has an air bubble massage bath and hot spring nearby.

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SpaHalekulani Okinawa
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