What kind of massages are offered at OH! Spa?

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Melanie Nayer

The OH! Spa changes its massage menu seasonally, but a few of our favorites from the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa's fall 2011 menu include:

1. Ocean Waves massage. This 60-minute massage focuses on fluidity, restoration and relaxation, much like the waves of the ocean.

2. Traditional massage. This massage can be booked in 60- or 90-minute varieties and is your standard Swedish massage, using light to medium pressure.

3. Deep Relaxation massage. Also a 60- or 90-minute massage, this deep relaxation treatment starts with a warm heat pack on your back, followed by a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques.

4. Muscle Ease massage. This targeted massage focuses on tight and sore muscles. The massage starts with a warm heat pack on your back to help relax you.

5. Your Way massage. The massage is exactly what you would think—it’s done completely your way. Choose whether you want to indulge in a deep tissue, Swedish, reflexology, aromatherapy or a combination of various techniques for 60 or 90 minutes while you relax at the luxury Rhode Island spa.

6. Beach Stone massage. This massage, which can be booked for 60 or 90 minutes, is a take on the traditional hot-stone massage. The treatment uses hot beach stones to help massage muscles during the 60- or 90-minute treatment.

7. Couples massage. Side-by-side massages are available for couples wishing to reconnect in the couples suite. The suite also features a whirlpool tub for you to enjoy pre- or post-treatment.

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