Does Caprice offer any special gifts from the chef?

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You might get lucky at Caprice and receive an amuse-bouche at the beginning of your meal from the chef or restaurant manager Jeremy Evrard. You might receive an amuse-bouche such as a cherry tomato stuffed with tomato sorbet and topped with mozzarella foam. Evrard is known for his love of unpasteurized and aged French cheeses, which he stores in the specially made kitchen at the back of the main wine cellar — if you’re a cheese lover, feel free to pick his brain about it. After your meal, the petit fours are probably all you’ll need to finish off your meal (though you’ll want more of them). One delicate presentation consists of an inch-long box of dark chocolate filled with green apple marinated with basil — an unusual and imaginative but thoroughly wonderful touch that is topped with a tiny passion fruit meringue. There’s a French biscuit topped with white chocolate infused with mango and jasmine mousse. The raspberry dark chocolate is twice the size of a maraschino cherry and eminently more pleasurable on the tongue and taste buds. The handmade salted caramel with mixed nuts will make you wonder why you ever passed over that particular delight in the Christmastime candy box — the soft-sweet-salty burst is worlds away from its hard, mass-produced cousins. If you’re dining at Caprice (which is located in Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong) you’re sure to receive tasty gifts from the chef.

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