Does the chef visit the table at Caprice during the dining experience?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

If you dine at Caprice, chef Fabrice Vulin may visit your table. Vulin, who has been with Caprice since 2013, drops by many of the tables to share some of his philosophy of pairing tastes in interesting ways — seafood and meat combinations are a favorite twist — and the use of the occasional Asian ingredient in a novel way.

Manager Jeremy Evrard has also been with the restaurant since its opening and does the rounds of the 25 tables during meals. Evrard, who lworked at the Four Seasons in Paris before moving to Hong Kong, has a particular love of cheese and will help you select the perfect combinations from the restaurant’s collection of close to 30 artisanal cheeses, some of them aged for as much as four and a half years.

Even if no one stops by your table, you can watch Vulin and his team hard at work in the open kitchen, which sits in the center of the Hong Kong restaurant.

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