What are five things to know about Caprice?

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If you plan to dine at Caprice, the restaurant on the sixth floor of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, here are five things you should know before you go:

1. It offers French food. The restaurant serves up excellent contemporary French cuisine. Expect dishes such as Brittany lobster with braised fennel and cumin sweetcorn in a black Thai tea infusion, as well as wild turbot with poivrade artichokes, olive oil mashed potatoes and cockles. 

2. Try the cheeses. Manager Jeremy Evrard has also been with Caprice since its opening, and he oversees the restaurant’s terrific selection of artisanal French cheeses, many of which are aged in a special section at the back of the main wine cellar.

3. Go at night for the view. The restaurant’s windows look out over Victoria Harbour, so the best tables are the eight directly along the floor-to-ceiling glass. The vista is especially nice during the evening. If you aren’t lucky enough to snag one of those spots, there is a second row of tables where the view is almost as good.

4. Peek into the kitchen. Caprice has a large open kitchen at its heart, providing a fascinating look at the flock of chefs coddling each dish and fussing over their craft. For an intimate view of the kitchen at work, groups can book a table in the wine cellar at the back of the restaurant.

5. Stop by The Caprice Bar. Adjacent to the Hong Kong restaurant, the bar is a great spot for an intimate evening of fine wines  accompanied by the delicious "A Bit of Everything" cheese platter, carefully laid out on gnarled slabs of tempered German wood.

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