What are the desserts like at Caprice?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

There’s plenty of attention paid to dessert details at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong's Caprice, where the sweets are often twists on French classics. Dark chocolate, for instance, is filled with green apple marinated with basil, bringing a distinctly Asian and surprisingly welcome savory flavor to the sweet course. We recommend the “coffee delight” (RMB170/US$27), which includes a truffle injected with a small jolt of whisky and a surprise burst of pop rocks to boot. (It’s the perfect way to cap off a newly inked business deal.) Another interesting offering is a delicate elderflower soufflé (RMB170/US$27) paired with marinated apricot, apricot tuile, lemon cress and elderflower sorbet. Whatever dessert you choose to order at the Hong Kong restaurant, you’re sure to be impressed.

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