What are five things to know about 99 Noodles?

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Laura Janelle Downey

Although there are several things to know about Encore Macau’s 99 Noodles, here are my top five picks:

1. When you’re at the restaurant, it’s a must to order one of the nine offered noodles (handmade egg, pressed buckwheat, Beijing la mein, Shanxi knife-shaved, tip-ended, one string, cat’s ears’ noodle chips, Chinese fettuccine or pressed corn) with soup or garnish.

2. Pay attention to the colorful chopsticks (you’ll see them in lime green, orange and fuchsia) that have been placed along the walls — they add a playful touch to the Roger Thomas- and Hirsh Bedner Associates-designed establishment.

3. If you’re a gambler and would like to take a break from the tables to enjoy a hand-pulled noodle entrée, be sure to grab a seat next to the lime green partition with geometrical cutout shapes. From there, you will be able to eat as well as keep a close eye on what is going on in Encore’s gaming hall.

4. If you’re just not sure of what to order, try one of the Macau restaurant’s five signature dishes, which include pan-fried Chinese puffs filled with scrambled eggs and chives, beef brisket broth with noodles in tomato soup, fried tip-end noodles with green beans and minced pork, Sichuan-style shredded chicken and cucumbers with cold noodles, and sautéed pork belly and mushroom noodles in yellow oil.

5. Should you order noodles, you’ll notice that the bowl they are placed in is lopsided. The reason for the odd-looking bowl is actually to help you. Since eating wet noodles can be messy and a lot of people come in to eat during a quick lunch break, diners keep the side of the bowl that’s a little higher closer to their chest. This way, if the soup splashes, they won’t get any of it on their clothing.

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