What are the best things to order at 99 Noodles?

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Laura Janelle Downey

The best things to order at 99 Noodles, which is located inside of Encore Macau, would have to be the restaurant’s signature dishes. These items include the fried tip-end noodles with minced pork and green beans; beef brisket broth with noodles in tomato soup; sautéed pork belly and mushroom noodles in yellow oil; pan-fried Chinese puffs filled with scrambled eggs and chives; and Sichuan-style shredded chicken and cucumbers with cold noodles. If those items don’t suit your fancy, there are several other things on the menu to try at the Macau restaurant, such as the steamed rice with shrimp in scrambled egg sauce, the chilled marinated chicken with Huadiao wine or the double-boiled beef and turnip soup.

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