What is the menu like at 99 Noodles?

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Laura Janelle Downey

The menu at 99 Noodles located inside of Encore Macau offers a variety of à la carte options. Choose from cold dishes (braised carp with spring onion, assorted pickles), Northern Chinese dim sum (fried scallion cake, steamed oats and red bean bun) and congee (pumpkin millet), soups (double-boiled beef and turnip), rice dishes (steamed rice with sautéed lamb and leek), Northern Chinese specialties (fried seafood noodles with seafood sauce) and your choice of noodles that come with either a garnish (housemade hot minced pork) or soup (hot and sour frog with egg). Chef Liu Jie does a nice job of working with his team to create nine types of noodles (including tip-ended, one string and handmade egg) and nine different broths (such as chicken and beef brisket). When you’ve been seated, you’ll notice there’s another menu on the table that presents specialties from the chef. Some items on this menu include appetizers such as tossed pork tripe with bean sprouts or a hot dish of braised bean curd with mushroom.

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