What is the price range for a meal at 99 Noodles?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Laura Janelle Downey

The price range for a meal at 99 Noodles located inside of Encore Macau goes from MOP38 to MOP1,288 MOP. In U.S. dollars, that price range is $4.80 to $161. Some of the $4.80 options include the Northern Chinese dim sum such as fried scallion cake, steamed oats and red bean bun, and pan-fried Chinese puffs loaded with scrambled eggs and chives. The $161 item on the menu is the steamed rice with braised shark’s fin in chicken broth. The soups that go with your choice of noodles start at MOP68 ($8.50) and go up to MOP188 ($23.50). You can order dessert items such as mango pudding for 48 MOP ($6) or double-boiled bird’s nest with coconut milk for MOP668 ($83.50). There’s something to fit everyone’s budget at the Macau restaurant.

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