What kinds of massages are offered at Isala Spa?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Heidi Leon Monges

Isala Spa offers massages that reflect a variety of international modalities. All Isala Spa therapists have been trained by certified Traditional Chinese Massage practitioners. The Spa offers outstanding signature experiences incorporating indigenous ingredients and local Chinese healing techniques. We recommend the 90-minute Isala Signature Massage which uses organic seaweed balm to warm muscles and stimulate purification, followed by three types of massage therapy in one: hot stone therapy pressure point massage, deep tissue and foot massage.  Another favorite is the 60-minute Sweet Lychee Scrub where the body is buffed and lightly exfoliated with a mixture of natural sugar cane and locally grown, vitamin C-rich fresh lychee fruit; which leaves the skin with a luscious bright, revitalized feel and a lovely delicate aroma.

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