What are the best museums in Macau?

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Paulo Barbosa

My favorite museum in Macau is the Maritime Museum. It opened in 1987 and is a legacy left by the Portuguese administration in Macau before the handover. Macau started as a small fisherman’s village and all its history is related to the sea and the Pearl River. Besides depicting the lives of the local fishing community (a large community until recently), the museum explains about the evolution of navigation and shows many rare models of ships of all ages. The museum was placed near the A-Ma Temple, right where it is said that the first western ships docked. Located on Mount Fortress the Museum of Macau opened on April 1998 and houses a rich display of Macau’s history. The large collection of artifacts is displayed over three levels. The first floor showcases the early history of Macau, before the Portuguese got here during the 16th century and the initial interactions between the two cultures. The second floor shows how the Macau people lived in the past, focusing on the local customs. The upper level is more contemporary. Besides the museum’s collection, visitors also can see many exhibitions of art themed on Macau. One of the best recently held focused on the work of George Chinnery, an English painter who lived many years in Macau during the first half of the XIX century.

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