What is the best time to visit Macau?

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Beginning in late September through October is the best time to visit Macau, as the weather is temperate without being too humid. Macau is a tropical monsoon climate, so the city sees cool winters and hot, wet summers. January through February are the coldest months with temperatures as low as 10 F, and March through May is considered summer. It's quite humid during these months, and temperatures can reach up to 95 F. Monsoon season falls during June to August, and humidity levels reach 90 percent.

Paulo Barbosa

March and April can be good months to visit Macau. After the frenzy during the Chinese New Year, the city gets a bit more quiet and the weather is moderate (by local standards).
During the following months temperatures and humidity rise up to a point where air-conditioning deprivation is almost unbearable. August is perhaps the hardest month to walk around town and some visitors may find themselves suffering from heat exhaustion. 
The heat and humidity get lower in September and milder temperatures remain until mid-November, when the Macau Grand Prix is held. From December to March it can get cold, but it is nothing that a good coat won't fix.

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