Ariana's Persian Kitchen

Classic Persian flavors in a glamorous setting

Stepping into Ariana’s Persian Kitchen at Atlantis The Royal is a feast for the senses. The sweet scent of rosewater greets you as you walk past the bar; a palette of pink, lilac and green creates a pleasing contrast with elegant pink marble floors and gold accents; and plates of rose-petal-, pomegranate- and walnut-topped food arrive at tables under vaulted embossed ceilings and regal arches.

At its helm is Iranian-American celebrity chef, cookbook author and TV host Ariana Bundy, who delves into her rich heritage to bring the robust flavors of Iranian cuisine to the city’s discerning gourmands. Besides more than two decades of experience as a chef and culinary personality, Bundy draws on her early childhood in Iran, where both farming and food were strong influences, that shaped her career path. Fueled by a strong desire to share the culinary traditions of her culture with the world, she was also the host of Ariana’s Persian Kitchen, a travel and food show about Iranian cuisine on Nat Geo People.

Our Inspector's Highlights

  • While contemporary in a way that appeals to Dubai’s design-loving diners, the décor in the sumptuously appointed Dubai restaurant is inspired by a historic-home-turned-culinary-center, owned by Bundy, in Kashan, Iran. Thoughtful cultural references abound, from the hammered copper tray tables, sourced from the Grand Bazaar of Isfahan, to the artwork by Iranian artists on the walls. The lively pastel interior, full of character, feels like an extension of Bundy’s personality.
  • With garnishes of herbs, microgreens, flower petals, saffron, pistachios and pomegranate, the presentation is light and beautiful, never taking away from the essence of the dish with unnecessary theatrics or ostentatiousness.
  • From October to March, when the weather is pleasant enough for alfresco dining, ask for a table on the terrace to dine with views over the Skyblaze water and fire fountain.
  • Scoring highly on flavors, textures and presentation, must-try signature dishes include the rosewater sea bream, fesenjoon (chicken stew) and ghormeh sabzi (herb stew). Don’t miss the succulent joojeh (saffron chicken) kebab, paired with the gold-leaf-topped jeweled rice.
  • For those unacquainted with the cuisine, the friendly staff is on hand to make recommendations, and it will gladly mention favorites and best-selling dishes on the menu. The warm and attentive service instantly puts you at ease.

The Food

  • With hot and cold mezze and generous portions, the menu at Ariana’s Persian Kitchen is ideal for a sharing-style meal where you can sample a few different dishes.
  • The refreshing cold mezze like mast o khiar (yogurt and cucumber salad) and the Shirazi salad make for a fitting start to a warm-weather lunch while hot mezze such as the crispy lamb-stuffed sambuseh (fried pastry) and kashk e bademjoon (eggplant dip) whet your appetite and serve as a delightful introduction to the rest of your meal.
  • Don’t leave the Iranian restaurant without dessert — the shareable pistachio, almond rosewater and saffron baghlava parcels will satiate your sweet tooth after a big meal.

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Ariana's Persian Kitchen
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