Eleven Madison Park

French-influenced excellence in Midtown
After its first renovation in more than 10 years, Eleven Madison Park will reopen its doors in October 2017. While we’ve only been offered a few glimpses into the new-look establishment, we’ve been able to gather that high ceilings, voluminous floral arrangements and dark-colored banquettes will set the tone for an elegant evening of fine dining.

But while the décor may alter slightly, what adorns the plate promises to still be thoughtfully conceived, gorgeously executed and alive with flavor that you won’t much mind the makeover. The French-influenced greenmarket cuisine by chef Daniel Humm includes such dishes as Muscovy duck glazed with lavender honey, and foie gras terrine with plums, umeboshi and bitter almonds.

Another thing we do know is that the restaurant will proudly boast an eight-to-10-course tasting menu. If things flow anything like they did before the renovation, the menu (presented on little cards that simply list ingredients) will provoke a conversation with your server about what you feel like eating. The result should be an even more thoughtful experience that takes diners on a great culinary trip.
Things to Know
•Eleven Madison Park, a contemporary French restaurant in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, doesn’t enforce a specific dress code, but the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant is a destination for special occasions, so we’d recommend you dress to impress.

•The cost of the eight-to-10-course meal will be $295, and tickets must be paid for in advance. If that proves a bit too steep for your stomach (or wallet), you can also purchase a $145 seat at the bar for a five-course meal.
Getting There
11 Madison Avenue, New York City, New York 10010