Latin-Asian fusion with a Vegas flair
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Few restaurants meld distinctly disparate cuisines quite as well as Sushisamba; the fusion of Brazilian, Japanese and Peruvian ingredients makes for new and original variations on dishes you may already love.

The Mondrian-influenced glass façade, favela wall and carnival video projections create a unique atmosphere in which to sample inspired food and drink, including the Pisco punch, Neo-Tokyo rolls and crispy taquitos.

Stop in to take advantage of happy hour specials from 4 to 7 p.m. or the reverse happy hour from 11 p.m. to close.
Our Inspector's Highlights
  • Although the food fuses disparate cuisines like few restaurants do, Sushisamba also has a lot to offer in terms of interior design. Really, you can’t miss the striking interior.
  • Throughout the Las Vegas restaurant, you’ll see video projections of Carnaval in Rio, drawing from that Brazilian influence and cuisine. And the back “favela” walls are filled with more vibrant graffiti, giving this Las Vegas restaurant a lively interior design that you won’t see anywhere else.
  • If the décor isn’t enough to get you talking, the wild fusion of Brazilian, Japanese and Peruvian foods will amaze you with the sheer variety of ingredients and originality that goes into making each dish at Sushisamba different.
  • The menu’s huge variety means there’s something for everyone — you can order a churrasco bone-in ribeye while your date raves about the samba rolls.
  • The one-of-a-kind fusion cuisine at this Las Vegas restaurant brings with it a number of signature cocktails that you won’t find anywhere else; the use of regional ingredients in drinks you’d associate with a completely different place means many of the drinks on the menu at SUSHISAMBA are original to the fusion restaurant.
Things to Know
  • Located on the second level of the Shoppes at The Palazzo, Sushisamba has a different dress code, based on the time of day. During the afternoon, the fusion restaurant has a more casual vibe to it, while dinnertime and the evening asks for business casual attire after 5 p.m.
  • With the huge selection of sushi, ceviche and other exotic dishes, you can expect to spend between $50 and $100 per person at Sushisamba, depending on how many and how luxe the ingredients are that you choose.
  • Be sure to check out the Las Vegas restaurant’s happy hour specials from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and reverse happy hour from 11 p.m. to close, which include $6 apertivos, such as the green bean tempura, and caipirinha and mojito specials.
The Food
  • You won’t find a menu quite like Sushisamba’s anywhere else. Imagine all the culinary delights of Brazil, Japan and Peru, all rolled into one big package, then mixed and matched to take ingredients from one placed and pairing them with presentations from another.
  • The restaurant’s most popular item, the Chilean sea bass comes marinated in miso and is served with roasted organic vegetables and oshinko.
  • Listed on the samba rolls section, the Neo Tokyo includes yellowfin tuna, tempura flake and ajipanca for a dash of Peruvian spice into familiar Japanese flavors.
  • We had the yellowtail taquitos, made with shiso, avocado and roasted corn miso, which when combined, create a mix of flavors and textures within a bite-sized package that only Sushisamba could make.
The Bar
  • The oval-shaped bar will certainly catch your eye, with its bright tangerine-colored top and the Mondrian-inspired sculpture hanging off to the side.
  • The drink menu brings you as varied a cast as the food menu, too, with such regional favorites as caipirinhas, mojitos, pisco sours and sake galore.
  • The pisco punch combines MacchuPisco (a colorless brandy from Peru) with mango, egg white and lime zest for a spin off the pisco sour. Or try the kumori, made with nigori sake, shochu, gin, muddled cucumber and served with a nori-salt rim.
  • Even if you’re the most seasoned bar veteran, you’re sure to see something at Sushisamba you’ve never tried, and that’s the beauty of the Las Vegas restaurant’s fusion cuisine.
Getting There
3325 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109