Savannah has a wealth of history and architecture that few American cities can match. Residents pride themselves on their Southern charm and hospitality. Southern chef Paula Deen hails from Savannah, and author John Berendt gave the rest of the country a taste of the city’s allure in his 1990s novel (and later movie) "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." The city’s many rich, green parks — it has 16 in the historic district alone — are blooming legacies of the brilliance of its founder, General James E. Oglethorpe. Savannah quickly took its place as a leading city first in the settling of America and later in the wealth and grandeur of the Old South as the leading market and shipping point for tobacco and cotton. Today, more than 1,400 historically and architecturally significant buildings have been restored in Savannah’s historic district, making it one of the largest urban historic landmark districts in the country. Fountains, small gardens, intricate ironwork and other amazing architectural details decorate this town and add to its beauty. The Victorian district south of the historic district offers some of the best examples of post-Civil War Victorian architecture in the country.