Tel Aviv

While Israel is generally equated with ancient history and traditions, the cultural nexus point of Tel Aviv is the Israel of right now. The juxtaposition of this modern industrial center, situated just a 50-minute drive from the ageless spiritual capital of Jerusalem, is what makes this place so utterly and uniquely eclectic. Tel Aviv is a city awash in color, overgrown vegetation, curiously beautiful graffiti, whimsical Bauhaus architecture, world-class beaches and culture – lots and lots of culture. Like in any cosmopolitan city (but perhaps even more so here), local establishments are perpetually vying for recognition as the top restaurant, best nightclub, hippest art gallery or coolest shop, creating a competitive, exciting and ever-changing cultural atmosphere that proves to be a captivating playground for locals and tourists alike. The backdrop of it all? The crystal azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Be prepared for equal parts adventure and relaxation during what’s sure to be a memorable visit.